There’s a change in the weather coming and I’m a great predictor of rain.  I think they should hire people with arthritis (or similar illnesses) as weather forecasters because I am almost 100% on my predictions and our local weatherman is at about 50%.  I’ve often wondered why local news stations don’t have people with arthritis on retainer, just to verify if the weather man or woman is close to being right.  They would be a lot more effective if they did.  I am really surprised that no one has taken advantage of this gift we have.  It’s a genius idea to improve their overall effectiveness and they are ignoring an untapped market of talent (so to speak.)

I went to a few garage sales this morning, but hit a wall when the front started to move into the area and had to call it a day.  If you have any kind of illness like this, you know what I’m talking about.  You just need to take a nap and hope when you wake from your nap that the front has passed.  In my case, the front must be sitting on us as I still haven’t felt any better, so I haven’t accomplished anything today.  I did find a really great idea for a card though.  I don’t think I can explain it well, but it involves using the circle dies that nest inside each other and a color wheel idea.  I hope it will work and if it does, it will make a really easy, but interesting card.  I’m going to have to spend a little bit of time working out the logistics of it, but once I do, I’m pretty sure you’ll wonder how I did it.  Of course once you see the video you won’t wonder, but when you see the photo, you probably will.  I saw a picture of something similar in an old craft magazine (of course I don’t remember the name of the magazine), and at the time, I didn’t have a die cutting machine that I could operate, so I never tried it.  I’ve never seen anything like it on any card making videos, so this could be really different and fun, at least I’m hoping it is.

I’ll hopefully be able to give it a try tomorrow when the weather either improves or gets worse.  If it starts to drizzle, I’ll feel worse, but if it really rains hard, I feel better.  Isn’t that weird?  Regardless, I’m going to make myself be productive, no matter what the weather does.


5 thoughts on “5/20/2017

  1. I really enjoy reading your messages. you are spot on about forecasting the weather. Monday my hand hurt so much, I would have considered amputation if it didn’t improve. Wednesday we had the storm – over an inch. That’s a lot for us in Montana. I have neuropathy from a B12 deficiency. A friend has asthma; another friend has RA. We’re all good at forecasting weather changes.
    I make a lot of cards and give them away. I know where they can be used. Too many of my former correspondents are no longer with us. I am a widow living with a dog – a mini Aussie, and three cats, one a diabetic like me!
    I thought of you when I watched the Frugal Crafter video on faux Distress Oxides. You said you like to get messy. This will do it. I tried it and the results are interesting.
    As I said, I enjoy your messages and read them all. I love your positive attitude.

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    1. Barbara, I watched Lindsay make the faux distress inks and you know how I look for ways to save money for my viewers, I thought this was a terrific idea. I heard from others that they didn’t think it looked like the real thing. If they ever saw what I can produce with the “real thing”, they would wish I had used the faux technique instead. haha. I’m still struggling with the Oxides and am wondering why I bought them. I watched so many crafters use them before I bought mine and thought “How Hard Could They Be?” Trust me, they are harder than they look. I think my problem is that I don’t thoroughly dry between layers. Either that, or I just don’t like the end result that oxides produce. Regardless, the oxides are still beating me.
      I do want to try the faux technique just for the messy aspect. You’re right, it’s perfect for me. Can you ever remember one of my videos where I didn’t have some kind of ink product on my hands? Maybe I could start a new crafting trend. Which crafter can get the messiest? There’s no contest, because I know I would win every time.
      Thanks so much for your really nice note. I’m so happy to know that people read and like my blog. Sometimes it’s really late and I haven’t done the blog for the day, and I worry when I do two blogs in one day. Rich says he doesn’t think people mind when I do two days at once. What’s your opinion when I post two different days posts on the same day? Does that even make sense? When I read it, I wonder.
      It sounds like you have a house full of love with your animals. I don’t know how people live without them. I know I make a lot of cards, but I do try to send almost all of them. I have a box for the ones that I keep for emergencies, but in general, I mail or hand out most of them. It’s nice that you have a place to give yours. I’m in my late 50’s and am losing friends and am sure that as we get older, it must be harder and harder to watch friends and family pass. I’d love to send you a card sometime, so if you’d like to email me your address, saundralparker@yahoo.com, I’d be thrilled to get one out to you.
      I try to make and send a lot of cards to our troops who are on the front lines and that gives me a place where I know they appreciate hearing from back home. If you’d like another place to send cards, I can give you the address of Project Support our Troops. So nice talking to you, Barbara, and if you ever want to hear from me quickly, email is where I’m fastest. Sandy


  2. I love my cousin Sandy and her honest, yet optimistic, predictions. Wish we could spend more time crafting together, Sandy, it sure would be therapeutic for me!


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