I need to make another AliExpress haul video.  It’s not a very big haul but a funny one.  I bought some really cute cat stamps.  I’m not big into cats, but I have a lot of friends who are.  That’s not entirely accurate.  I really like cats, but Rich doesn’t, so I’ve had to readjust my thinking so I don’t want to keep any strays that I find.  We did keep one a few years ago and one of our dogs (I can’t remember which one now), decided it was a toy, and accidentally killed it.  It was in our wood pile and was really small and malnourished, so it didn’t take much more than a small shake, to kill it.  That’s weird because I completely forgot about that incident until just now.  I was mortified at the time and it still makes me sad when I think about it.  Not as sad as the time Rich was away at a work conference in Chicago and Aggie and Bella (who was a puppy at the time), found a baby rabbit nest.  Aggie was just looking at all of the little rabbits, and Bella decided they were fun, so grabbed one in her mouth and ran with it.  I tried to get her to come to me when she decided to swallow the live rabbit whole.  Of course I started crying and calling to her…she ran back to the nest and grabbed another one and ran into the house with it and onto our bed.  I did eventually get that one back from her, but by then she had already killed it.  I got our neighbor to save the rest of the babies, but none of them survived.  I felt horrible and there was nothing I could do, except call Rich at the airport and cry about the whole story.  His response was “what do you think I can do?”  That didn’t occur to me, I just wanted him to have an idea for me…He didn’t.  I called the vet and they assured me that puppies eat live animals all the time and survive.  I spent the whole night worrying that she would vomit, and I’d have to clean up a dead, or even worse, a live baby rabbit.  Somehow in my head, this baby could live in Bella’s stomach forever without air.  I do have a vivid imagination.  Back to the Aliexpress order.

The cat stamps I found are really adorable and I can’t wait to share them.  I bought other stamps and some foam daubers and a tool that I’ve seen other crafters use to fix mistakes and move ink around.  Ok, I’m not sure what they used it for, but I’ll figure out something and since it was $1, I don’t feel bad about not remembering it’s use.

Ok, now on to the funny purchase.  They had tape runners that look like the one Jennifer McGuire uses.  To be fair, the description did mention the word “petit” which I assumed was their spelling for petite.  I can’t wait to do the video, because nothing I can say will really help you understand their size.  These tape runners fit into the palm of my hand.  Smaller than that.  They are the size of a big bug.  There’s nothing I can compare them to.  They are tiny.  I haven’t used them yet, because I’m sure when I run it across the back of a card, it will run out of tape, it’s that small.  I know it described the amount of tape in them as being much larger than these could possibly contain, but I’m going to be honest and show it all on video.  I think we’ll all get a big laugh.  I got two of them for around $2, so I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth.  The laugh I already got at their size was worth $2.


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