I find that people like special fold cards, so decided to make one today.  I have a friend who was trying to sell her deceased parent’s home, and today, we got an email that she finally sold it.  I went through the same thing with my parent’s home, and I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be.  So the card I made is unique and kind of quirky, but I think she will really like it.

I used the Aliexpress stamps of the houses with another set of stamps that had accessories like trees, lamp posts, benches, and bushes.  I thought the combination of the two stamp sets would really work with the way the paper was folded.  It’s hard to explain, but Lindsay had made a card using this technique and it looked like it wasn’t very difficult, so I gave it a try..  The only thing I did wrong was measure the paper that I stamped on incorrectly, so I had to cut a bunch off of it when I was done with coloring it.  It was kind of a bummer, because it would have been a lot easier if it had been an inch shorter.

I also looked at the history I have of purchases from Aliexpress and found that I’ve gotten everything from my first order and I’m really impressed with the quality of almost everything I bought.  Everything except the tape runner, and let’s be honest, that was really my fault for not reading the fine print closely.

I’m happy with the card and it adds yet another video into Rich’s pile of unedited videos, so I’m ahead of the game (currently.) haha


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