If April showers bring May flowers, then what do May showers bring?  Mud.  Of course we have the days that are sunny, but I can usually predict that Memorial Day weekend will have a lot of rain involved.  It’s a bummer, because we have two towns in our area that have Memorial day garage sales all over their towns and although I’m sad to miss the sales, I’m a fair weather garage saler.  I wonder what the real term is for people who go to garage sales?  I’ll see if I can find the answer…maybe I’ll ask a few of the women that are die-hard garage salers (that definitely can’t be the correct term.)

Rich and I put flowers on my parent’s graves this weekend and I dread doing it in the rain.  I also am not particularly fond of doing it when it’s hot, but my dad and I always made sure that his parents and grandparents’ graves had flowers, so I’m carrying on the tradition.  Our grandparent’s grave is next to my parents, so I feel bad if I don’t put a few flowers on theirs and my other grandparent’s are nearby, so by the time we are finished, Rich is exhausted and I feel exceptionally guilty for making him weed, hoe and plant flowers for hours.  As a side note, Rich has never really planted much at our house, I usually have done it, but I can pace myself here, and you really need total commitment on Memorial Day weekend, or you’ll never get your flowers finished.  We both dread the whole experience, but know my dad is happy that we’ve done it.  It’s the least I can do for people who gave me so much.





2 thoughts on “5/24/2017

  1. Luckily, all of the graves are in Cochranton, so only one stop. Still I hate doing it as I’m not much help and Rich’s hip really isn’t up for it. I wonder if anyone ever goes to Grandma Georgie’s grave besides us? It’s a shame we do the work and no one knows it looks good, darn it. Bet your mom is struggling.


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