Pastel or Chalk Technique, Sweet & Simple Card

I wanted to share a really nice set of cards and gifts I have gotten from friends as well as make a simple one layer card..
The stamp sets I used were from Stampin Up and one is Swallowtail and the other is Another Thank You (both are retired but available on ebay).  I used chalks from Inkadinkado and pastels from Stampin’ Up that are both really old and kind of abused.  Any chalks or pastels will work for this technique, even ones kids use.  You can use makeup sponges for blenders or Q-tips.  I had some Sofft sponge blenders that are made specifically for chalks or pastels and used them as well as Q-tips and other blenders.  I used a bunch of different sponge blenders so I could show you options.  I also used pompoms and a bracelet buddy to hold the pom pom.  They make tools to hold pompoms but I had the bracelet buddy and figured “why not give it a try?”  It worked like a charm.  Here’s a link to where you can find bracelet buddies, but I didn’t check for lowest price, just wanted you to see where you could find them easily.

I used a 5 x 7″ 80 lb Neenah solar white cardstock for my card (It’s a one layer card.).  I stamped Versamark ink onto the Swallowtail and stamped it on an angle then turned it the other way and stamped it again using Versamark ink. I laid the stamp face up and laid my paper over it because the butterfly was so large and I wanted to make sure I inked it well. Then I took different colors of chalks and pastels to color on the Versamark.  The camera doesn’t do the card justice, as the chalks/pastels were much more vivid than they appeared on camera.    You need to change your pompom out for each color you use.    I stamped Thank You on the front with Versamark ink.  I added a bunch of small peg stamp images around the butterflies using Versamark and a middle swirl flower peg stamp.  Here’s the link to the middle swirl flower peg stamp.

I colored the swirl flower images with blue, purpose and yellow to make them stand out but still match the butterflies.   I stamped the same Middle Swirl flower peg stamp on the back of the envelope with Versamark and then made it match the inside of the card by using the same colors of chalks and pastels on them.


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