One of my friends (who refurbishes old furniture then chalk paints it), wanted to go to garage sales with me today.  I was really kind of worried that she wouldn’t find the things she was looking for, because unless I find an estate auction, I rarely find much good older furniture that isn’t completely beaten by time.  She lives about 40 minutes from us and doesn’t think her town has very good garage sales, but I normally think the same about a lot of our sales.

The first garage sale we found was one where they had a cute shelving unit that she got for $10.  I had to laugh because she said she wasn’t very good at bartering and neither am I, but she’s a lot worse than me, because the man said I’ll take $5 or $10 for it, and she paid him $10.  When we got in the car, she told me the story and I laughed so hard and said, “you definitely aren’t very good at bartering.”  I offered to barter for her if she would barter for me, but in the end, we didn’t do any more bartering the rest of the day because we found really great prices on the things we did buy..

I was having her drive to a little store in town that sells customized unique furniture.  I think her pieces would fit really well there, but don’t know if they take consignments or not.  On the way there, we passed a huge home that is one that’s normally featured in the city’s tour of homes.  They were having a garage sale and they had so much old furniture, it was unbelievable.  She bought big drop leaf tables for $25 and an old enamel kitchen table for $25 as well as a set of Thomasville end tables for the same price.  She bought some other pieces, but I’m not really sure what they were because there were so many really great things there.  I’ll be honest.  I couldn’t believe we found that sale. It wasn’t advertised, and if we hadn’t driven past, would never have found it.  So it was a great day and really, we only went to four or five sales.  We had a terrific time and her husband had to bring his truck (a 40 minute drive) and so we ended up having lunch with our husbands.  Lunch was great because we went to college with her husband, and I haven’t seen him in a while and really enjoyed our time together.  We’re all invited to another college friend’s house tomorrow for a picnic so I’m looking forward to what she’s thinking about her purchases after getting them home and really looking them over.

I found a really neat vintage jar that barbers used to put their combs inside to sanitize.  I thought I might use it to store paint brushes or markers.  It’s really fun because it has a metal piece inside that has a handle that pulls everything inside up to the top of the jar.  $2, a great bargain!


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