Today we are celebrating Memorial Day with college friends.  It’s amazing that after almost forty years has passed and we keep in touch with so many of our friends.  I have several of my girl friends that we try to do trips together every couple of years and a few of my friends that are more local, see several times a year.

The friends we are picnicking with today were a group of men that all played football with Rich, but some of them were my friends as well.  It’s been an adjustment for me, because the wives hang together as do the men at these events, and I don’t really know many of the wives so have just recently started to feel comfortable around them.  When I hear the men telling old college stories, I remember those stories well, and was sometimes part of the story, so I miss the inclusion that came with all of us being young and friends.  I’m so glad that one of the men in the group and his wife have decided to move back to our area from Maryland.  I was good friends with him and he and Rich have played three on three basketball together for many years.  He seems to be the social organizer of their group and now that he and his wife (who thankfully I did know) have moved back, we are seeing the whole group a lot more often.  It’s amazing how similar he and Rich are in personality and they really click when they are together.

Back in my college days when I was healthy, I was almost always with my camera.  So today before the picnic, I’m going to go through my college albums and find all of the photos of our friends, and take them to the picnic to give to them.  I think they might like having old pictures to remind them of being young and a little bit wild.

Let’s just say I didn’t just study in college, but made those four years the best years of my life.  We went to a small college, but had the best time and a few years ago, Rich and I bought a marble bench for the college, to thank them.  It says “For Thiel College, because we found ourselves and each other here.”  That’s the truth.

I’m wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend.   We’re not putting up any videos until possibly tomorrow, as I’m giving Rich a couple days off for good behavior.


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