I’m exhausted.  Normally on a three day holiday weekend, if Rich and I have one activity, that’s normal.  This weekend I spent Saturday going to garage sales with a college friend and then to a late lunch with our husbands.  Yesterday, we saw them again with a bigger group of our college friends at a picnic, and then today we spent the day with our best couple’s friends.  The husband was a good friend of Rich’s since childhood, and I bonded with his wife, so we do a lot of things together.  We had a nice day and ended it by walking around a small town that’s almost like a small amusement park.  It had all kinds of vintage games and arcades, so of course I had to check out this weird game where you throw balls and have them land in holes to create a bingo type win.  The balls had to drop into holes in a straight line or diagonal line with four or five holes to win.  I’d never played it before, and you had to throw the balls under a piece of glass.  About the third or fourth throw, I hit my finger on the glass really hard and decided the game was set up all wrong.  I just started throwing my balls over the glass, completely cheating.  I didn’t care if I won, I just wasn’t going to get hurt playing the stupid game.  So one of the kids that was running the game came over to “talk” to me.  I think he thought he could talk some sense into me, but I just told him I intended to cheat until we were done playing and I hoped it was ok with him.  By then, my tossing skills were so spectacular, that I actually tossed one of my balls into the next person’s game.  Luckily no one was playing there, or they might have been a little freaked out that I was helping them win.  Since it was only our friends and Rich and I playing their game, I don’t think anyone cared what I did.  Besides, he could see that I was bad no matter what I did.  In the end, we put all of our winnings together and I ended up getting seven glow sticks.  Sadly enough, only two of them had the things that turn them into bracelets.  I don’t know what we were supposed to do with them, they were so pathetic…My girlfriend ended up with both bracelets and was really happy with them and I was glad she liked them.  Personally, I wanted candy or gum, but the guy that worked there steered me away from the gum saying it wasn’t very good.  Geez, how bad can gum be?  It must have been seriously awful for him to talk me into seven useless glow sticks.


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