I had a doctor’s appointment in Pittsburgh today, so didn’t get much done.  Ok, nothing.  That’s not totally true, I’ve continued working on getting my craft room from hoarder, barely can walk to the desk, to normal, walking is a breeze, status.

I like to make sure I tell you these things because anyone who crafts and doesn’t make a mess is an anomaly.  Most of us make crazy messes and then we find bargains and continue to add to the mess with new products.  It’s a vicious cycle, but we all seem to do it.

One of my friends just got her own craft room and I warned her about what she can expect.  She said not to worry, because she was already there.  I love that about people who make crafty things.

I have a plan for the next few weeks.  I’m going to take a small portion of each day to first go through my clothes and find ones that still fit me and get rid of the rest.  If I didn’t tell you, I was on a medicine last year that made me gain 30+ pounds.  Since I’ve basically always been the same weight (not skinny by any means, but usually a size 12-14), now I’m pretty bummed with the weight gain, because I have almost no way to exercise and don’t eat very much.  I read (after being on the med) that you gain the weight, but very few people lose it.  I have to say, if my doctor had warned me of this side effect, I would never have considered the drug.  That’s probably why she didn’t tell me.  I already tell her no to just about everything she comes up with because of risk for infection and the increased risk for lymphoma.  You’re probably wondering why I’m so paranoid but both of my parents died of b-cell lymphoma and I have already had one artificial joint get infected.  Apparently if that happens, you are at a much higher risk for another joint to go that way.  Since I have four artificial joints, I’m not thrilled about the risk for another infection.

I know I don’t usually talk about my health, and it’s not that I won’t, it’s just that I don’t really think people want this much information about me.  But back to the story.

So my plan is to first get rid of all of the clothes I can’t wear, they make me mad and sad, and then after that, I’m going to get rid of all of the crafty things I can’t or don’t use.  That one is tricky, but it’s a necessity as my basement is overrun with crazy crafty things.

Maybe these are pipe dreams, but I really need to get control of my clothes and my crafty things.  Once I do both, I’m going to be so much happier.

I watched Lindsay do the de-cluttering video, and it made me think of all of the things I really need to get rid of, and now is the time.  I’m seizing the day, or several days, or maybe a year.

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