I made a twist and pop card today after a subscriber had asked me to make one on video as she really struggled making one.  I followed MayMay’s instructions to the letter and somehow, one half of my card was 1/4″ longer than the other half.  The weird part about it is that MayMay has you trim 1/4″ off the length of the card when you begin.  If that somehow was the cause of my error, I’m not sure, but it was quite the coincidence if it wasn’t.  There’s only one part in the card that is physically taxing and I’m not sure if people with hand/wrist issues will be able to make this fold.  It’s not easy and I really struggled and made a big mistake and had to fix it while folding the paper.  It’s a crazy diagonal fold on paper that has no scores or folds to help you make a clean fold.

It was a really fun card to make (other than my boo boo) and if others have the same issue, I don’t really think they will mind, because it still works perfectly and fits into the envelope.

I got a really nice package today from a viewer named Kay.  She sent all kinds of Distress Oxide tips as well as ribbons, laces, and Graphic 45 papers as well as a really nice card.  I was so impressed with her card and she said she really didn’t want to part with it and I can see why.

I also did a haul video with a bunch of AliExpress dies.  This haul was full of dies that I didn’t really check the sizes properly, so got a few very small dies…at least I expected them to be larger than they were.  I got a set that were birthday oriented and the largest die was maybe 2″ and the rest were under 3/4″ so they were pretty disappointing.

I have a lot of videos in the hopper waiting for Rich to put them online.  I’m amazed at how quickly I can get really far ahead of poor Rich.  He must want to cry when he sees me in the craft room…Let’s face it, he knows I’m not cleaning in there.

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