Tonight I took a beginner’s sewing class at Joann’s Fabrics.  They taught us how to fill the bobber (bobbin, geez, I’ve already forgotten what it’s called.)  They showed us how to put thread on, and weave it all through the machine and finally thread the needle.  Then came the big leagues.  We stitched on paper and then we almost made a pillow.  By almost, I mean, we took two pieces of fabric and put them together, pinned them, then stitched the three sides and part of the fourth.  Apparently we were supposed to bring the partially completed pillow home and finish it.  My friend had purchased my sewing machine at a garage sale and I’m not sure what was wrong with it, but it had one speed.  SUPER fast.  There was no slowing it down, no pacing myself.  It started and it stopped.  When it started, it went from stop to super sonic speed.  I hated it and thought my machine was a piece of crap.  There was a lady beside me that knew how to sew and she agreed that my machine was pure crap, but the teacher thought it was just fine, and maybe needed fine tuned.  Fine tuned?  We found no speed control and the pedal had one speed, fast.  Actually two, fast and stop.

I wanted to really understand what I was doing when trying to use a sewing machine.  I didn’t want to walk away thinking I’ll never be able to do this myself.   Regardless, it wasn’t a winner of a class and my 7th grade Home Ec teacher might have been right.  I really am lucky I found a career in banking, because after she had me in home ec, she thought my opportunities for success were fairly limited.  A lot she knows.  I’ve got part of a pillow and some stitched paper to prove her wrong.  So there.

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