I’ve been wanting to do a video for a long time and today I finally made it.  I wanted to go through all of the different kinds of inks that are out there and talk about them and why you use them, when you use them, and why you need them.  I think (as usual) that it was too long, but that’s what happens when I start talking about things.  Plus I found ten different types of inks to discuss, so it takes a few minutes with each one.

I also finally got my collaboration video up with Gracie Harrold.  I made a 3-d baby Groot card and it looks pretty good.  The card itself was really easy and yet it took me hours to cut and color five small flowers.  I almost gave up at one point because I just couldn’t make a flower that looked decent.  They all looked like I hacked them out with garden sheers and colored them with a three year old.  I hated the first five, so I made another set, different but still horrible, and finally, set three were the winners.  By that point I’d given up on hand cutting them and just die cut them.  Beaten by five small flowers.  That tells you where my head was at when I tackled them.

Oh, and lastly, Honey decided she needed to taunt the neighbor’s dog.  They were outside minding their own business, and Honey ran at their small dog like she was going to maul it, only to run away at the last minute, and repeat.  It took me forever to get her back in her own yard and into the house and by then she’d done her scare tactics at least ten times on the poor dog.  I do believe she might be insane.  I doubt they’ll ever let their dog go outside again without serious adult supervision.  I feel so stupid that I can’t keep my lunatic puppy where she needs to be.  People keep telling me I need to get her a shock collar, but I just can’t stand the idea of shocking an animal, even if it might fix her crazy side.

Brother, it’s always something.

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