I know it sounds crazy, but I really thought I wrote this blog and must have forgotten to publish it, or else I thought I wrote it and didn’t.  Hmmmm…which could it be.  I think I must be losing my mind.  I really would like to think I wrote it, but I don’t see any drafts, so I think I wrote it in head and not in real life.  Darn it.

I have been wanting to make a video explaining all of the different types of inks and why you use them.  A lot of people think that the little spots or squares are perfect, but just try inking one background stamp and you’ll probably reconsider.  When I started stamping, I thought I needed every color in every brand which is kind of dumb.  Dye inks are dye inks are dye inks.  The only difference is the colors.  If you like one brand’s colors, then buy those inks, if you like another brands’, buy those.

I really like the big ink pads for a lot of the things that I stamp, but when I use the MISTI on smaller images, probably wouldn’t make such a mess if I used the smaller pads.  These are the things you need to consider.

Do I need oxide inks?  No.  Those inks were designed for people who really want to try specialized techniques…If all you are doing is stamping different colors, then you definitely don’t need them.

How about pigments?  I really think you need a good white pigment ink as I have made a lot of different cards (mainly Jennifer McGuire influenced) where I use the Unicorn White by Hero Arts and love it.  The only other pigment ink (and I don’t think it’s a true pigment) that I can’t live without, is Versafine Onyx Black.  It’s a very dark vibrant black ink and perfect for embossing on.  You don’t have to heat set this “pigment” ink, but all others have to require some sort of drying, to avoid problems with smearing.   That’s why I don’t really think it’s a true pigment ink.  If you want a sentiment that looks like a professional printed it, get Versafine Onyx Black.  You might hate the container it comes in, as I did, because the lid slaps you and gets ink all over you and everything else.  I highly recommend buying a Distress Ink blank and putting the Onyx Black re-inker in it instead of using the container it comes in.  You’ll be thanking me for this tip.

The rest of the inks vary as to why you need them, Versamark for heat embossing, Distress inks for being reactive with water, etc.  You don’t have to have many inks, but I really like stamping in colors that aren’t always black as I’m not fond of flowers that have a lot of black in their details as opposed to stamping the flower in another color that matches it better.

I love playing with ink and hope I’ve given you enough ideas so you can determine what types of inks you will want to add to your arsenal.

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