I didn’t do much of anything today because I had to go to the dermatologist and have a biopsy done on a spot on the crown of my head.  I’m pretty brave when it comes to doctor’s sticking me with needles and scalpels, but honestly, I worry about the results.  I won’t get those for over a week, so it gives me plenty of time to consider the worst possible outcome.  Yep, that’s me, the fretter.  I can fret with the best of them and today is a big day on the fret meter.  Yikes.

I always love how people say they are stress eaters.  We left the doctor’s office, went right to a fast food place and got a mini pizza and a huge Mountain Dew, then onto the grocery store where we bought a bunch of cinnamon bites (fresh from the bakery), a couple of donuts for on the way home, and then consumed a donut like we’d never eaten.  I know you are probably thinking, geez, did you unhinge your jaw and just inhale the food.  Almost.  Rich and I shared the personal pizza (so that’s only 1/4th of what I could have consumed), then shared the donut…So really, I hardly ate anything.  I was so full from all the sugar and carbs, that I didn’t eat until popcorn and another piece of pizza while watching a movie.  Ok, so maybe I am the world’s biggest stress eater.  I never really thought about it before.  And, here’s the worst part.  I’ve made Rich a stress eater too.

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