I re-evaluated a card that I felt was a goner that I’d made a couple of days ago.  It’s definitely not video worthy, but I think it’s a sweet card.  It’s roses on craft card stock and if you’ll remember, it was the combination of craft colored card stock and alcohol markers that I just didn’t love.  I’ve put cards like this one up in the past, and others have really enjoyed them, but this one still seems like imperfection to me.  I really wish I could get past my need to make sure every card is something spectacular, because I know a lot of the ones I’ve put on video are not, but when I don’t see the potential, I just can’t put it online.  That’s kind of a sad statement, as some of the cards I’ve put on the channel have frankly been kind of embarrassing, and yet I put them online.  What’s the difference between those and this one?  It’s a mystery to me.  Sometimes I’ll make a video and let it sit for months and when I finally retrieve it, wonder why I didn’t like the card to begin with.  These are the mysteries of being me…

Since I just got over the decision about the rose card (still not video worthy), I needed to video tape a sure thing.  Sometimes I will get into a slump and have no imagination, so I decided  that I should make a card with one of my favorite stamps.  Carolyn Shores Wright makes really beautiful bird stamps and this is four blue birds.  I’m not sure why I haven’t made a video with it because this bird stamp is so cute. Since I know this stamp is adorable when colored, it’s a beauty on any background and makes any card pretty.  I’ve often wondered if others think it’s as cute as I do, and maybe once the video goes live, I’ll find out for sure.  I love almost everything Carolyn Shores Wright draws, especially her bird stamps.  I have several of them and they are all made by Stamps Happen and of course, are all wood stamps.  I could take them off of their wood backing, but honestly, I love to look at the way she colored them, as they are so intricate and I like mine to resemble hers.  Copy cat, copy cat, yes, that’s me.  I really don’t mind, because I don’t think I could come up with a color scheme that’s better than hers.  I did die cut out the word hello and added a sentiment and a ribbon, and called it a day.  I’m happy with the results and always love it when a plan comes together.  Frankly it’s too hot to spend much time in my craft room, as our house doesn’t have central air, and my room is not really close to any of the air conditioners.  Our house was built in the 1970’s, and has a weird heat system.  There are heat coils in the ceiling, so there is no duct work and no way to have central air.  It’s a bummer, but we’ve got air conditioners in the rooms that keep the rest of the house cool, every room except my craft room, darn it.  Since the weather is supposed to be really hot this week, I’m going to have to find more card ideas like the one I made yesterday.  Simple and fast, but still video worthy.  No pressure there.



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