I decided since Rich was going to play basketball, as he does every Sunday night, that I would devote my evening to making some cards.  I have so many people I need to send a card, several high school graduations, new baby, friends and sadly, a friend whose husband killed a seven year old boy that ran out from between two cars.  What do you say when something like that happens?  You know it destroys the driver and the family of the little boy, and let’s be honest, the family of the driver as well.  Everyone relives the what ifs and it can consume you.  When I was a kid, in a really bad winter storm, my father hit an older lady at an intersection, who just stepped out in front of him.  He couldn’t see her due to the storm and luckily, she wasn’t seriously injured.   I remember my dad didn’t sleep for months after the accident.  He just kept reliving it, and I’m sure my friend and her husband are doing the same.  I guess I just want them to know that we are thinking about them and seriously, does a card make a difference?  I don’t know, but I want them to know we care and I’m sure they don’t want to talk about it on the telephone or in person.  So that’s the card I made.  I wanted it to be something thoughtful and had just bought a stamp from Unity Stamps that talks about how dark the sky has to get before you see the stars.  I’d made a background a while ago that looked like stars at night and when I saw that sentiment, I had to have it.  I thought I would find a use for it and at this stage in my life, I seem to have more and more friends with cancer, and figured it might be a fitting idea for newly diagnosed friends.  That’s another time when you just don’t know what to say, and hope that whatever you say, it’s not the wrong thing.

So I made a really quick and easy fold card that ends up being only about 3 1/2″ square.    Naturally, I thought the card would take me a long time to make and was shocked when it was under an hour.  You’re probably thinking that’s a long time to make a card, but remember when you videotape a card it takes a lot longer, because I’m explaining everything as I go.  Of course in this case, I didn’t talk about the reason for the card, but really loved it when I was done.  I hope when you watch the video that you will forget the reason for the card and come up with some fun and interesting ideas for it.  Should I share these things on the blog?  Maybe I should just stick to the basics, but you know me, and when I think of things that I want to share, I do.  My friend’s accident was in all of the local papers, including his name, and somehow that seems wrong.  There were several witnesses that said he couldn’t have done anything differently, so why does  the world need to know his name?  I think it just adds to his guilt and the feeling that every time he leaves his home, people are thinking “that’s the guy.”   Sadly, some cards don’t make you smile when you receive them, but maybe it will give them a little bit of warmth, knowing that their friends do care.

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