I started my day by going to two really bad garage sales.  How bad were they you ask?  One was selling old pickle jars and the other had a dirt floor on the garage.  The floor was muddy, so they covered the mud with hay.  I’m not a fan of hay, pickle jars or muddy floors, so neither garage sale made me happy.  Still, it’s always fun to get out, and my girlfriend and I have a set plan.  She drives, and I buy us snacks and drinks.  Since the garage sales weren’t any fun, I had to make up for it with good snacks.  We went to a bakery that also makes great mini quiches. They were yummy and I was happy.  So much for garage sales for the day.

I got home and cleaned house all day.  I hate to clean when it’s muggy, as I was sweating like I ran a marathon.  Ever since I was a little kid, if I get hot, my face turns bright red.  My gym teacher always asked me if I needed to sit down, it was that red.  Today was no exception.  It didn’t matter how high I cranked up the air conditioning, I was still a sweaty mess.  On the other hand, my house looks really clean.  Even my craft room is at the “almost there” stage.  It still needs a little work, but it’s getting to the point that I might consider showing it in a video again.  Then again, I will probably make another card that creates a big mess again, so the cycle continues.

Big news though.  I can’t remember if I shared this or not, but a couple of days ago, I asked my friend Susan if she would be willing to help me with a Facebook project.  I would really like to feature projects that our viewers would like to post on our facebok page.  Susan put the first picture up, and Rich did something to feature it on the page, and now we can have all of our viewers put their cards and creative ideas up on the facebook page.  I’ve really wanted to do this since the beginning of our channel, and we finally know what to do.  Thanks Susan, for your help in getting us there.

So if any of you would like to post your crafty photos, go to Crafting For Almost Everyone on Facebook and add your photo.  Rich will find it and do whatever he does to feature it, and we’re cooking with heat (or is it oil?)  Whatever, we’re still cooking, Yay!

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