Trimming Stamps, Watercolor Pencils, Carolyn Shores Wright Blue Bird Card

I love this four blue bird stamp from Carolyn Shores Wright.  I took a piece of light blue card stock and stamped my image.  When I use this stamp, because it’s very long but not very tall, I stamp it upside down with the stamp lying face up on my desk, and putting the paper over it, rubbing one hand over the image while using the other hand to hold the paper in place.  You can put a scrap paper over everything to ensure you don’t get ink on you.. On a newer stamp, you’ll get some marks on the edges of your stamped image.  I recommend the short bladed Tim Holtz scissors for trimming stamps.  If you’ve already stamped and gotten these marks, take your scissors and find the ink marks on the stamp where the image ended, and only red rubber remains.  Trim off any red rubber that has ink on it that is not part of your pattern.  Don’t trim your pattern, but trim close enough to it that you don’t get those marks.  It should ensure you don’t get them going forward.
I stamped with Color Box Black Archival ink and cleaned my stamp w/ Hero Arts cleaner.Use a rag to clean the stamp, then spray the stamp with water and wipe it .
I used watercolor pencils from Caran ‘D’ Ache Supra Color (sorry, it’s spelled wrong on the screen) # 3888, Derwent Inktense Red Oxide, Prismacolor Dark Umber, Sienna Brown, Copenhagen, Terra Cotta, Ultramarine and Non-Photo Blue pencils.  I’m sorry that I forgot to mention Ultramarine so it’s not listed in the video.
I liquefy my watercolors with a paint brush and water.  I used the Hero Arts stamp set called “Hello” that includes a die.  Using a scrap of blue paper & the Ultramarine pencil , I lightly scribbled over the paper so it’s as large as the die.  Then I liquefied it and dried it, then put the die over it with a small piece of washi tape and then ran it through my Vagabond.  I made four more die cuts of hello with the light blue paper and glued them under the layer I had colored using Stampin Up’s fine tip glue pen.    I stamped a sentiment above the birds from the Hello stamp set, then glued the Hello very close to it.
The measurements on the screen are wrong.   The blue is 3″ x 6″ and the bottom layer is 3 1/4″ tall and 6″ wide so the card paper is 6 1/2″ tall and scored at 3 1/4″ and 6 1/4″ wide.
I used a cream  1/4″ wide ribbon and tucked it under my top layer of the card, putting a little bit of the fine tip glue on the ends of the ribbon and then cut about 3″ of ribbon and made a fake bow, by wrapping the ribbon piece around the ribbon that was laid in place and then tied a single knot. I trimmed the edges on an angle so it looks like a bow (and is much simpler than a real bow.)  I put a little drop of glue under the knot to hold the ribbon and bow in place.  I made an envelope by taking a ruler and measuring the card from corner to another on a diagonal and add one inch to the measurement and cut a piece of paper square to that dimension. So if your card is 8″ from corner to corner, add one inch and your paper then needs to be 9″ wide and tall.  Center your card in the square so the four corners of your paper are on the sides and top and bottom of your card.  Fold in the sides and crease, then do the same to the bottom and top.  If you want, you can cut the bottom triangle so it is squared off.  In my case, if I folded the envelope top so it was against the top of my card, I’d end up having my top fold longer than the envelope, so I didn’t fold the top close to the top of my card.  Trim all the corners where you have paper overlapping and you have triangles that need to go.  Use a good adhesive to keep this closed.  I use tear tape on the bottom edges of the side folds of the envelope and then put some on the top edges of the top fold.  If you are giving a set of cards, leave the backing on the tear tape on the top fold so the recipient can seal the envelope.
I used a big cage and old bird stamp on the back of the envelope and stamped with the same black ink.  I had trouble getting my cage to stamp well, so I used a black marker to fix it.  I stamped a small bird inside and used Stampin’ Up water markers to color the bird.,


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