I went to A C Moore and bought a few things and didn’t want to do a haul, but thought I’d just talk about my finds.  I just watched a video with Lindsay making cards using acetate that was decorated with either dots or striped and made a cute clear card with it.  I found that exact paper pad at A C Moore, so definitely wanted to make some clear cards.  (Do you still call it a paper pad if it’s plastic?)  They had 6 x 6″ paper pads all with the same pattern of flowers, but in a bunch of bright and cheerful colors.  I put them against the acetate and thought I could make all kinds of cards using them together.  I was happy with my plan and walked about ten feet, only to find a big set of washi tape featuring the exact same floral pattern as the paper pad, in all the same colors. How much fun will that be, making cards that feature not only the paper, but washi tape that is exactly the same.   I’ve never seen any matching paper and washi patterns and was thrilled with the idea.  I bought a few other things including a five pack of black Sharpies.  I could have a thousand black Sharpies and never be able to find more than one, and that one would be old and low on ink.  I associate black Sharpies with reading glasses.  It doesn’t matter how many I own, they are never where I need them, or the reading strength is too low.  And to continue my comparison, why don’t I get rid of the old Sharpies and low strength reading glasses?  These are more of the mysteries of being me.

Then, when I got home, I found that I had gotten my “Embossing Powder Techniques from A to Z” book in the mail.  I’ve already read a lot of it, and was disappointed to find that they didn’t cover some of the mistakes or problems I’ve encountered on more than one occasion.  Maybe my expectations are too high, but I was hoping it would cover things like an uneven look to my embossed results and how to correct it.  Or, how do you know when your embossing powder is old, or what results would I get if my embossing powder is old?  I was really hoping I would learn a lot more about techniques for big screw ups, but maybe that’s not their ideas of “techniques,” darn it, those are the techniques I really need to know about.


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