Had such a great time at garage sales with my friend Lynn today.  There is a small town about ten miles from here that was having their community sales and we’ve never been there before.  We bought a bunch of things, not much on the crafty side, but still, had a terrific time.  If you ever have one of those days where you find the things you want at really low prices, it’s just so much fun.  Of course it was like a million degrees outside, but we were committed and persevered.  The card was practically full of all of our crazy purchases, and we were exhausted, but still so happy.

Only one down side to the day.  Before we left town, a man approached us and asked for money for gas.  We live in a relatively small town and this doesn’t happen often.  He seemed pretty frantic about it, so it was either really stressing him, or he knew how to play to his audience.  (I know I’m pretty cynical, but twenty-five years in banking will do that to you.)  I didn’t give him any money but I did give him directions (two blocks away) to our Family Services, which is an organization set up to help with all matters of money crisis.  He seemed happy with the idea and off he went.

Then when we went to the small town’s garage sales, the local high school band was doing a fund raiser selling food and drinks.  There didn’t seem to be any adults in charge, and when I was paying one teenager for my food, a woman wanted to buy a bottle of their Gatorade but didn’t have enough money, so asked if they would take a quarter less for the Gatorade.  I was so disgusted that anyone would do that to kids, especially at a fund raiser, so I gave them the quarter that she apparently didn’t have.  She said “thanks” like I was a bug on her shoe, and walked away.  There were other drinks they were selling that were less expensive, and I just thought it was so wrong for her to do that to kids, especially when they are raising money for their band.  I waiting for all of their customers to leave and walked over to the teenagers and explained that it was wrong for the woman to take advantage of them in that way, and that they should have offered her something she could afford, and/or explain that this is a fundraiser and unfortunately, the price is the price.

I know I’m old, but it just makes me so upset that so much of our society no longer has any kind of lines they won’t cross.  If you can’t afford a drink, you don’t buy one, and if you don’t have any money for gas, you don’t go anywhere.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?  If that same woman had gone into McDonalds and wanted to buy a drink for less money than they sold them for, they would have said the price is the price.  So why try to take advantage of teenagers, because you can.

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