I spent the day doing research on embossing powders and the mistakes that we make, the best end results, and types and makes of powders.  I’m afraid this video could be longer than the one I did on wet glues.. LONG.  I might end up making it into segments, because some parts require demonstrations and I would want to heat set the powders so newer crafters can really get the feel for how long it takes to heat set an image.  Of course some images, like sentiments, only take seconds to melt, while backgrounds can take upwards of a minute.  These are the things that make a big difference to someone who has no idea how long to heat or when enough is enough.

I’m not sure what to expect when I tackle embossing powders, but I do know this.  In order to do this properly, it’s going to take some time.  While watching other crafters make videos about embossing powders, they used terms that I know a newer crafter would not understand.  Things like resists and mixed media.  I really believe that if I am going to tackle this properly, it’s going to require a lot more research.  The techniques that can be done with embossing powders can be a segment unto themselves.  The bottom line is this.  I have more research to do and then I’ll start experimenting.  I have an idea how long the research will take, but the experiments might take a long time.  This is a process, that’s for sure.

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