I spent part of the day doing more embossing research, then went online and bought some things I’ll need for the video.  I swear this video will be at least an hour by the time I cover everything that is important.

Then I decided to clean out my summer clothes and got rid of a ton of ones that no longer fit.  I still have more to go through, but at least I’ve made a little dent in the project.  I love organizing but sometimes just don’t have the energy to do it.

But here’s the big accomplishment of the day.  There is an introduction video that most YouTube channels have on their home page that explains their channel, and I’ve never made one.  I’m not sure why I never made one, but recently I’ve had a few people ask me about my hands and I don’t know why, but thought if I went over everything in my first video, that I’d never have to talk about my arthritis again.  I’m pretty naïve that way, so decided I should make the video.  It’s not horrible, but Rich thought he might want to try editing the background around me and make some kind of interesting backdrop.  If he can make something fun out of the outside brick wall of our house, more power to him.  It was such a nice day, I thought it would be nice to sit on our covered patio and record the video. Naturally, the entire neighborhood thought it was the perfect time to mow their grass, so we had to wait until most of them had finished, otherwise, you’d have really only heard lawn mowers and not me talking.
I’ve seen some pretty impressive videos, but mine is just like everything else I do.  I explain the channel and talk about the mistakes I make and the fun I have in fixing them.  If that doesn’t make people want to jump on my channel, nothing will, haha..

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