The weather was not fit for garage sales today.  It rained like crazy and of course, my girlfriend and I still ventured out.  Big mistake.  We were both drenched, but continued on.  In the end we got nothing but wet.

I did, on the other hand, finish cleaning my summer clothes, so now I should be left with only clothes that fit me.  Poor Mother Hubbard, her cupboards were bare.  I don’t really feel that way, although I don’t have many clothes left in there.  I’m relieved more than anything.  I just wanted to stop trying on clothes that no longer fit since the big weight gain of 2016.  I think we should look at weight gain like a particularly bad hurricane season.   In my case, since  the medications were the primary cause, it was a lot like a hurricane–it came out of nowhere, and left devastation in its path.  I’m not overwhelming devastated by the weight gain, but it really did bother me when I couldn’t find clothes that fit in my closet.  Now that I’ve basically eliminated that problem, things should be much simpler (at least when I get dressed.)

One of my favorite things about cleaning out my closet, is finding someone that will appreciate all of the clothes I’m giving them.  I know this sounds crazy, but I have three large garbage bags full of clothes.  But it also covers two sizes and a long time span.  My girlfriend suggested someone, I called them and they are really happy to get my goodies.  It’s so much more fun to give clothes to someone I know will appreciate them, and they re-gift the ones that don’t fit or don’t like, to others.

So although I didn’t really do much today, I accomplished a lot.  I wish I could say that I did something crafty, but instead, Rich and I watched movies and had a nice “date night.”

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