Today, we’re spending the day with friends and going to a sea glass festival near Lake Erie.  I’ve never been to one, so I’m hoping it involves fun things to buy and lots of carnival type foods.  I love the smell of a carnival, and hope that we find this event similar to one.

I got up early and went online and bought the rest of the things I need for my tape runner comparison video, as well as for a video on embossing techniques.  I’ve been collecting tape runners for a few months now, and got input from several crafters and now I have a bunch.  It’s not over-the-top-crazy like my wet glue video, but I think I should have enough comparisons to  encompass just about every need.  I’m so glad that the video will finally be done, as I made a promise to a viewer many months ago, to help her find the perfect small tape runner, and I hate to break a promise.  I think the research took the longest, as I put a message out on Splitcoast Stampers asking for input as to the best tape runners, and it took a few weeks to really get the amount of responses I was looking for.  Then tracking down some of the tape runners took some time, as they weren’t particularly accessible within the US.

With promises in mind, tomorrow I’ll be making a video using the layered rose stamp set from AliExpress, as a viewer asked to see the stamps in action.  I love it when people request videos, as it helps me with ideas and gives me something to focus on before making the video.  Rich is behind in uploading videos, so this will really add to his pile.  All in all, it’s going to be a great week for video making, as the ideas are already in the bag.


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