I started to work on my tape runner video and I’m starting to worry that it’s going to be horribly long.  I have a box that’s two feet long, full of tape runners.  Granted, some of them came in sets of three, so they all won’t be on the video, but regardless, I still have a lot of tape runners to share.  I wanted to cover the widest number of brands that I could, and I think I’ve accomplished that.

I did finish the rose card today and I think it came out pretty well.  I had a small mishap when I used my diecutter to cut Happy Birthday out of the card.  The little pieces of paper in the loops of letters just seems to disappear, so I had to rig a few more.  They aren’t a perfect match, but what can you expect?  I did use a lot of the dreaded foam tape and I’m really getting close to the end of the roll.  This could be a great time for me when I finish that roll.  I could be jumping for joy, or at least thinking about jumping for joy when it’s gone.

I have all of the things I need to make my embossing powder video as well, so this should be a busy week.  Rich has finally caught up with me on videos, so I’m a little bit nervous that I’m going to have to get really serious about making videos so I can have a few in the bag.  It’s kind of crazy that I’m so obsessed with making sure I stay ahead of him, I think if I let him catch up, it means I’m lazy, so that’s why I push myself to stay ahead.  I know, it makes no sense, but whoever said I made sense?

2 thoughts on “6/27/2017

  1. I look forward to your video on tape runners. I have been using an ATG for years but a break-up is imminent. Will be fun to see what choices are out there.


  2. Cindy, If you saw my wet glue video, then you know how crazy I get about these comparisons. I have a huge box of them and am making sure I find prices for every one of them so you know not only whether they work, but also how much they cost. I’m hoping to get it up in the next week or so. Sandy


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