I have to get serious about graduation cards as I need two more, and both need to be extra special because they are  both for relatives. Our great niece just graduated from high school and is going to college to become a nurse.  I found a really cute house mouse stamp of one mouse checking the heart beat of another mouse, and thought it would be perfect for on her card.  The other card is for our cousins’ son (Hi, Shelli!), and I didn’t know the colors of his high school, but know where he’s going to college, so built his card around his college colors.  I don’t think boys are overwhelmed with a card, but his mother will get a kick out of it, because I thought it would be fun to make him a shaker card.  I wonder if he’s ever had a shaker card before?  Anyway, so that was my plan for today.

Originally, I was going to finish the research for the tape runner video, but I spent part of last night finding prices and writing the information on each tape runner, and it got really boring really fast.  So today I decided to take the day off from research.  Tomorrow’s another day.

I have one more card that I need to make by the weekend, a wedding card for a close friend.  I think I’ll use the heart dies I just got from AliExpress as they might really be fun.  Other than the heart die, I have no idea where to go from there.  I seriously need to get started on a plan, because this is my oldest friend and next door neighbor as a kid, so it’s important that I do something special for him.  He and I were so close, he was sad that Rich didn’t ask him to be in our wedding.  Of course Rich didn’t know him well and I didn’t know until after the wedding that he wanted to be part of it, so always felt bad about it.  Fast forward fourteen years later.  He and his then wife, met Rich and me in Las Vegas for a long weekend.  It was over our anniversary and we saw that one of the wedding chapels had a drive thru ceremony and thought it was hysterical, so we decided $25 was definitely worth it to get re-married there.  My neighbor acted as the best man for Rich and man of honor for me.  He was thrilled.  We had so much fun watching people taking photos of us “getting married,” as they thought we were seriously getting married.  I’m sure people do it every day, but we did it for fun and it definitely was.  The minister said “Love is like a rose that blooms” and then he stopped and said, “Oh, you already know that.”  We could have paid for a “borrowed” bouquet or bride and groom t-shirts, but the experience alone was priceless.  Oh, they also offered to have us pay to have our photo taken in a limousine, but not go anywhere in it.  We declined.  That’s Vegas for you.

2 thoughts on “6/28/2017

  1. Hi Sandy, can’t wait to see the shaker card. Definitely will be his first! And I can’t wait to see you and Rich at the party.


  2. Your wait is over. It’s uploaded. I hope he likes it. I chose his college colors because I didn’t know his high school ones. Hope he gets the connection…..Looking forward to seeing you as well.


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