There are some projects that are just destined for the garbage can.  I’d tried making a card with three large roses on it…At first, I played with kid’s chalk, and that didn’t go well, as their chalk is more gritty and hard to work with.  I wiped it off and threw the card front aside over a month ago.  It was when I played with chalks in a couple of videos and wanted to try sidewalk chalk as a viable alternative (which it is not.)  So now you know it’s been sitting on my desk for a little while.

I found the card today and thought I’d paint it with watercolor pencils.  I probably should mention that I used kraft card stock and it just doesn’t look very nice when you try to color on it, at least not for something like this.  I used different shades of reds and it looked ok, but the roses needed some kind of highlights, so I added gold Sharpie to the them.  I was surprised, but the Sharpie really improved the look of the roses, but they still needed something.  So I added some Wink of Stella and that’s when the project started on it’s downward spiral.  Since it was already looking a little iffy, I added some Distress Oxides around the edges and used a water brush and added a little to the leaves and stems.  The oxidation made the paper look horrible and made the leaves look like they had some kind of disease.  But I’m no quitter, so I decided to cut the roses out and apply them to the front of a note card.  That was the end of the line as the roses wouldn’t work with anything behind them, they just looked bad.  So I used Distress Oxides on a note card to make the base almost match the roses.  No, it was just getting uglier and uglier.  Luckily, that was the moment Rich asked me if I was ready to order pizza for supper, and I threw everything into the trash.  After all, pizza was calling and there was no redeeming that mess.

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