My friend Barb sent me a box of cd cases to use for my stamp sets, as well as some cards she had made with a set of three layered dies.  I’ve seen Jennifer McGuire use these dies and they are absolutely lovely, but unfortunately, over $70 for the set.

If you know me or watch my channel, you know that I try to always buy things on sale and never pay full price for things without losing my mind over it.  I’ve always been that way, very conscious of money, so would never buy a set of dies for $70.

I was looking around on AliExpress and found the main die to the set for $3.75 and bought it.  The same seller had two dies that layered, and we are talking about background size dies, so I bought those as well.  They were also around the same price.  In all, I think I found four different styles of background size dies that layer on each other and can’t wait to get them.

I love it when I find something like this as I know my viewers are as conscious of price (for the most part) as I am.  I’m particularly excited about these as I’ve never seen anything like these on AliExpress, and know my viewers will be as excited as I am.  These will make beautiful and simple cards and their size is significant (around 5″ tall by over 4″ wide)…The seller’s name is Top Top Ali Store and I lied.  The prices were either $3.39 or $3.59 each.  I can’t imagine buying any dies in the US that are that large for such a low price.  I am so excited that I found them and really hope that they work well and layer like I think they should.  If they don’t layer well, I guess I could use them individually, and I can live with a die that doesn’t layer for $3.59.

I found some other things at AliExpress that I didn’t know they sold. They have a 50 ml bottle that has ten different needle tips on it.  It’s the perfect size for glues and the tips are all different thicknesses, so surely one of them should work for me to get glue to squeeze through.  And best of all, it was 89 cents.  I can’t wait to try this out as I’ve never found any glue bottles that work well for me with a fine tip applicator, so this could be the answer to my issues with glue tips.  The vendor’s name is Home Improvement Mall and I’ll keep you updated if the bottle works well for me.


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