Finally, the tape runner video is live.  I was beginning to think I’d never get the supplies together or do the demonstration.  I tried hard to be consistent with the amount of tape I used, but don’t think I was successful, as viewers have sent me notes saying they thought my demonstration wasn’t really fair.  I guess I did the best I could and in the end, I am confident that the tape runners I chose were good ones.  I’ve learned from doing the YouTube channel that I have to roll with the punches (so to speak.)

You’ll be amazed that I made a card video that’s under four minutes.  I know what you are thinking.  What’s up with that?  I know!  Rich was freaking out that I deleted at least two portions of video clips, and I had to verify that he wasn’t missing anything.  It is a really simple card and I don’t think many people will really love it. It’s a layered die cut card that has a sentiment stamp inside and that’s about it.  It’s a sympathy card for a friend who lost her dog.  I have a variety of dog dies and used them with black card stock (her dog was black), and then glued them together to make different heights to each dog.  I used black embossing powder on them and they looked pretty interesting on kraft card stock.  I guess we’ll know tomorrow if people are going to like it or not.  I’m guessing they’ll like the length of the video, but not the content.

I forgot to tell you about something really sweet that happened this weekend.  We went to a graduation party for my cousin Shelli’s son.  A lady that worked with Shelli named Linda, wanted to meet me as she loves the YouTube channel.  She said she was really nervous getting the opportunity to meet me, and I was blown away by her.  She was so grateful for the channel and thanked me for everything I’ve done.  It didn’t just make my day, but probably my year.  Rich was so happy because this YouTube channel isn’t just my baby, but his as well.  Since this is the first time a stranger has introduced themselves to me to talk about the channel, it will be one of those firsts that I will never forget.  Rich and I always tease about strangers saying “Don’t I know you from YouTube?”, but it’s always been in jest.  Linda made it a reality for us and we’re forever grateful.

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