Which Tape Runner Works Best?

One of my viewers, Heidi, asked me for this comparison back in December.  I went to Splitcoast Stampers and asked that community of crafters which tape runners they liked best and used their input to order tape runners.  I figured if they already liked those particular brands, that I was already starting out with good choices.  I have fifteen brands and will give you my results at the bottom of this information.  The prices below were the prices I paid for them or the lowest prices I found them on the internet, so you should price shop before buying them to ensure you get the lowest price.

1 Elmer’s Craft Bond Tape Runner-permanent and refillable, 8 meters, 26.25 ft at Michaels $3.99,  two refills $7 at Amazon
2. Plus Glue Tape Runner TG-610BC refillable, 22 meters $3.78 Amazon
3.  N Nicole from AC Moore permanent, refillable, 3 pack $8.99
7.6 yds in each runner
4. Duck Double Sided Adhesive-4 pk 7.1 yd each $9.69 at Amazon and $14.99 at Joanns without a coupon
5. Sticky Thumb by Lifestyle Crafts-permanent adhesive 26 ft $1.49 at Tuesday Morning
6. AdTech Permanent Glue 8.75 yds $2.77 Amazon Prime
7.  Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive-39.33 ft refillable at Amazon $3.89.  The refills for a 3 pack $6.74 12 meters in each.  I was told that the Stampin’ Up snail refills will fit into the Tombow case and they do.  So if you have any snail refills and don’t have the original case for it, the Tombow case will work in place of it.
8.  Stampin’ Up Snail- permanent, 13.1 yd, or 12 meters $7, and $4.50 for a refill.
9.  Tombow The Craft Collection-permanent, refillable, 40 ft, $7.99 Scrapbook.com.  Really substantial in your hand compared to the others..
10. Ki by Hampton Arts 16.25 ft, permanent, acid free, $1 at AC Moore
11.  Recollections from Michaels 3 pack $8.99 permanent, in the 3 pack, you get one that is a permanent dot, and one permanent and one permanent repositionable.
12. Scrapbook Adhesive by EZ Runner, permanent, 33 ft, $5.39 at Walmart.com.
13. Paper Studio 3 pack, 1 tab, 1 strip, 1 dots. 16.4 ft each at Hobby Lobby $7.99 without a coupon.
14. Crafter’s Tape Permanent Glue Runner- Darice- 2445-97BV double sided pack of six from Amazon Prime $7.33 permanent and refillable, 315 inches 26.25 ft each.
15.  Kokuyo (long), Jennifer McGuire’s current favorite. Amazon $5.32
dot liner, comes in a variety of sizes.  3 pack at 16 meters each $7.41 Amazon prime and then the crickets Aliexpress 8 meters and a two pack is $2.05 called the petit size.

I tested the tape runners on four different paper surfaces.
A. Taping thin paper to thin paper
B. Taping thin paper to 65 lb paper
C. Taping 65 lb paper to 90 lb paper
D. Taping 90 lb paper to 110 lb paper

I kept track of my results and the only tape runners that I chose to be most effective were ones that worked on all surfaces.

My favorites are based not only on how well they work, but how easy they are to use:
1. Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive $3.89 Amazon Prime
2. Sticky Thumb by Lifestyle Crafts (found at Tuesday Morning) $1.49
3. Crafter’s Tape Permanent Glue Runner by Darice #2445-97BV
$7.33 for a six pack at Amazon Prime

Honorable mention–these work well but have issues with the tape leaving a long string behind.
Ki by Hampton Arts $1 at AC Moore
N by Nicole–AC Moore three pack, $8.99
AdTech–$2.77 Amazon Prime


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