I’m really excited because I finally got my favorite card making tools for beginners video online.  It’s got so much information in it that I had to link to my blog for viewers to read the details.  I think I covered most things, and may have missed a few, but will catch them on my next video.  I didn’t want to go into inks in a lot of detail, as you can talk forever about them.  Instead, I’m going to link the video I did that explains the different types of inks.  My next video in the series is going to be about embossing as it’s one of the big keys to making cards.  Then maybe die cutting and embossing folders.  There are just so many subjects to cover.

I made a card tonight that’s really fun.  It’s another fun fold card and it’s called a criss cross card and I spelled it the way the person I copied spelled it.  It doesn’t seem like it’s spelled correctly, but I thought I should be consistent with her. It’s a really fun card and I thought I’d send it to the lady I spoke about meeting at a graduation party last weekend.  She really loves my channel, so I thought I’d send her a card.  I hope she likes it.

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