I wanted to try a fun fold card that said it was “easy.”  I’m not sure how her definition of easy works, but it took me five tries before I made the card correctly and two of them had to be thrown out as I couldn’t make the folds properly.  It was a pinwheel card and looked simple enough to make, therein lies the problem.  I was supposed to flip the paper over twice in the process.  The first flip is key and the second is probably even more important.  I’m not sure which flip ruins the card, but there’s absolutely no way to redeem the issues I was having.  Since it’s a pinwheel card, when you are finishing the card and folding it into the pinwheel, the last fold needs to “tuck” under the other flaps.  Let’s just say there was no possible way for me to “tuck”  into anything.  I just couldn’t do it.  So I watched the video again, and made another one.  This time I scored it wrong, so that was trash.  The next one I definitely forgot one of the flips, and on it went.  I wrote notes so I wouldn’t make mistakes, and I re-watched the video at least three times, and still couldn’t master it.  Finally, I made one correctly, and with the information that was missing, fixed another one to made it usable.  The third is on my desk with the possibility that it might work (or end up in the trash.)  So “easy” isn’t a term I would use to describe this card.  I’m not really sure if I can make a video with it because I was so confused while making it, I’m not certain I ever explained the process properly.  I’ll need to watch it and see if it can be edited to the point where the viewer can make the card.  Although I’m not putting a lot of stock in it, as my confusion is really obvious.  Oh well, one person’s easy card is another person’s garbage can full of “easy.”

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