Today was one of those garage sale days where I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.  I realize that every time I go, I won’t find things I like, but today was just frustrating.  My girlfriend and I went to a bunch a really bad sales, only to talk to a man (at our last stop), who told us a town ten minutes from us was having their annual garage sale day.  We thought they had cancelled it because they are having two round-abouts installed, and the whole town is basically under construction.  (We’re talking about a town with only one stop light and that’s not even the spot that they used for the round abouts they are building.)  It’s crazy.

Of course as soon as he mentioned it, we remembered there’s a lady there that always makes really terrific desserts and we had to go.  She was sold out of most of the things we like to buy, but we both bought a loaf of sweet bread.  I bought lemon and she bought pina colada.  When that’s your big purchase for the day, you know it wasn’t a great day.  The town was packed with people and cars and we had no interest in fighting traffic or crowds, so called it a day.   We’ve only experienced sales like that once, and hated the entire experience.  There were so many people and it’s just overwhelming.  Like being in an amusement park where people think you are getting ahead of them for a ride.  Pushing, shoving, general craziness.  I think my friend and I are just too old to fight the crowds.  But frankly, I’ve never been crazy about crowds and don’t like being in them if I can avoid it.

As for crafting, I think today is a nap kind of day.  Rich and I went to a book sale and he’s working on one of my videos.  I’m not in the mood to do anything else, except maybe watch some movies later tonight.  We’ve had pizza and a movie every Friday night since I was working (at least fifteen years)…I’ve started to extend date nights into Saturdays and call it date night 2.0.  I thought it was kind of catchy.  Rich thinks I’m just conning him into making me popcorn two nights a week.   (I think he’s on to me.  Darn it!)

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