Criss Cross Card w/ Aliexpress Dies and Touch 5 Markers

I saw Bev Rochester make this card on her site and really loved it.
I started with two 6 x 6″ white cardstock.  I used 65 lb cardstock that I bought at Joanns (and don’t really love as it cracked really easily and I didn’t love that.)
The bird stamp was from Holly Berry House stamps #1347 and I’m not sure where I got it.  Here is a link to Holly Berry House stamps and the birds they sell.  Here’s the link:
I used a white card stock scrap and stamped the bird and sentiment with Versafine onyx black ink and used clear Ranger embossing powder over it and heat set it so it would not smear with the alcohol markers.   I used my Touch 5 markers in 31, 36, 41, 100, 104, 93, 96 and 23 to color the bird.
A C Moore sold Floral Doodle paper pad and matching washi tape and I just had to have them (used my coupon for the washi tape.)
.  For the inside of the card, I used orange paper that is 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and white layered paper is 5 1/4″ x 5 1/4″.  You’ll need more orange paper for the die on the front of the card to layer under the bird.

Take your two pieces of white 12″ x 6″ paper scored on the 12″ side at 6″ to make a 6 x 6″ square.  Your first paper, you’ll put in your paper trimmer on a diagonal so the fold of your card is to the left of your trim bar and you will put the bottom right corner of the card in the bottom center of the trim line and the top center of the card in the trim line and holding it in place, trim it.  The other 6 x 6″ square card, you’ll make sure the fold of the card is to the right of the trim line.  You’ll put the bottom left corner of the card in the cut line at the bottom and the center score line also in the trim line, holding it in place and cut.  This will make your criss cross card.  You’ll want to add a strong adhesive to the back of one of the card bases and making sure they are lined up properly so the diagonals on the front will overlap each other, glue the backs together.  Once they are glued in place you’ll want to take the pieces of cardstock that you cut for the front of your card 5 3/4″ square orange and 5 1/2″ square floral doodle cardstock in orange and put them in your paper trimmer on a diagonal with one corner in the bottom trim line and the top (diagonal) in the trim line and cut.  Attach them together with tape runner and then apply them to the left and right flaps.  I didn’t glue down either side of my panels until I added the papers to the inside of the card. The tape runners I used were Darice and Sticky Thumb, both honorable mention choices in my top tape runners.  (I’ll attach that video to the end of this video.)  You can use wet glues, as long as you feel the paper will hold quickly.
I next went to the inside papers and took some ribbon and adhered white thin ribbon in the center of orange ribbon with Fabric Fusion to attach them together, and set them aside to dry.  The ribbons were  2″ long  (long enough to create a loop.)  You’ll want to make a loop and put some adhesive on the ends of the loop and glue it in the top center between your two layers of cardstock.  I forgot to do this, so had to push it between the layers and it’s a lot easier if you remember to do it first.  I added some brads to my white layer using a paper piercing tool before gluing the two layers together.  Used tear tape to attach the white and orange papers together.   I used a white with orange piece of the ACMoore paper 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and adhered it to an orange layer that was 5 3/4 x 5 3/4″ and put tape runner on the back of the orange layer and glued it down.
I used tear tape and ran a thin line on the bottom edge of my diagonal card front and laid it down, then ran a thin line of tear tape on the bottom of the other side and glued it down.
I had a problem with the white paper cracking on the edges, so took scraps of the white w/ orange flower paper and cut it to 3/4″ by 5 1/2″ long and put tear tape on the back after scoring it at 1/8″ and folding the paper well on the score.  I attached it to the cracked corners and used my bone folder to really adhere it well.
I colored the bird with the Touch 5 markers and an Aliexpress die to trim out the bird and same die to back the bird w/ orange paper.  I cut the orange piece in half and made sure it was centered on the bird image.  I used Distress ink, Dried Marigold and a 1″ chip brush, on the bird image then used water and a paint brush.. Adhered it to the orange layer with a piece of white ribbon glued under the bird. Added foam tape to the back of the orange paper but made sure to put foam tape on the bottom half.  Made a banner out of the sentiment and went around the edges of it with Dried Marigold Distress ink and then put foam tape on the back and adhered it to the bottom of the card.  I made a banner and put it on the top of the white paper on the inside of the card,  and decorated the envelope with peg stamps.





2 thoughts on “Criss Cross Card w/ Aliexpress Dies and Touch 5 Markers

  1. I do want to thank you again for this inspiration. Everything takes me a long time because I seem to drop everything and after the mess I usually need to start over. Even today I had to use a mono eraser because I dropped a pen on my bird stamped image. I bought Nuvo in every color so I can cover my mistakes. *smile* Thanks again…I love your videos. I posted my card over on Facebook.


    1. I’m so glad you liked this card. I think the thing that makes me the happiest is when I hear others do the same things as me. I drop things and make horrible messes, but always leave them in as they are great for a good laugh and then people know how to fix what I just did. I use the mono eraser, but I must rub it too hard as I scrape my paper. Also, I have horrible luck with trying to use Nuvo drops as mine don’t make round anything, just Hershey kiss shaped things. I wondered what you do to make them rounded on top. Looking forward to seeing what you put on facebook, YAY! Sandy


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