I realize that I missed a day of blogging, but some days I don’t really do very much.  I could make up a great story about what I did in my head, but that’s not really fair, or the truth, so we’ll stick to the facts.  Just the facts, mam.

Today, my girlfriend texted Rich early and said there was a garage sale that we needed to attend.  They are relocating and selling a lot of great designer clothes, and it’s just a really fun sale.  They have one every year and we always love going.  So Rich and I went and had a great time.  I didn’t buy anything crafty, but we found some house type things, special light bulbs that go into recessed lighting and a bunch of things you hate to buy, but need.  We also bought a big box fan as we don’t have central air conditioning and although we have air conditioning, we don’t like it when Honey is in her cage, as we think it’s warmer in there than it should be .  Ok, I think it’s warmer than it should be and since she’s my baby, I’m going to make sure she’s cool when we aren’t home.  There, the mom of the house put her foot down.  (Or else Rich mentioned we should buy a box fan for Honey, and I just never got around to buying one, you be the judge.)

Rich stayed up late editing the criss cross card video and wow, is it long.   I know people don’t want to waste their time on long videos and yet, I can’t help it, I make mistakes and that makes my videos run longer than I intend.  Even when I write things down so I know the steps I need to follow, I still forget and do something that makes them long.  Viewers say they want me to keep my mistakes in, so I want to write things on the screen to help viewers do things correctly, but YouTube took that option off of their editing.  It was so easy for me to add notes to videos before, and now, I have to write my notes to Rich and ask him to write it on the screen.  As if he doesn’t already have enough to do with my videos, now I have him writing notes.  His work is never done.

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