You know that term Monday Morning Quarterback?  If you don’t, it means someone who after the game is played, explains all of the things that they would have done differently.  I’ve started to think I need to be my own Monday Morning Quarterback, because I make a card and make all kinds of foolish mistakes, glue things together before I should, not glue things together when I should, stamp after I’ve put a layered card together, you name it, I’m making crazy mistakes.  So today I decided to make a card of a spinning butterfly.  In theory it seemed like a simple card to make.  If you could have only seen the mess I made of the card.  I don’t want to admit this, but at one point in the video, I had to swap out the card front for another card front because of the many mistakes I had made.

Once the video goes live, I’d like to be able to say things like “Yes, I realize that it’s impossible to stamp around a raised image, and that I should have stamped first, and raised the image after.”  But I don’t.  Instead I live with everyone out there wondering why I make card so much harder to make than they really are.  I think I would do so much better if I made a practice card first.  In fact I know it would be better, and I just don’t know why I don’t do that, because I should.  Maybe it’s my goal to make card making difficult…Could that be it?  I have a goal?  No, I don’t have a goal or a plan and therein lies my problem.

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