Today I cracked.  There was an additional 20% coupon off your total purchase of regular and sale price merchandise at Michaels.  I knew the store closest to me had gotten the new colors of their heavyweight 110lb. cardstock and I HAD TO HAVE IT!  I know I don’t need any more paper, but honestly, I really love making my card bases out of a heavy base and this is my cardstock of choice.  I was really happy with the way they have chosen to package the new colors.  Each pack has up to five colors in it.  That way, if you want blue, you have a variety of blues.  I wanted neutrals and they had great choices, but unfortunately, included the black that I already have.  That’s ok because I think I’m going to be making more black cards and using glitters and glimmer sprays on it, as well as pearlized watercolors.  I want to try something new, and this is it.  I was so happy with their paper colors, that I bought three packs.  Remember when Lindsay said you don’t need to shop for things to stock up?  I’ve already broken that rule.  I just wanted to make sure that I had the colors I wanted and since I had the additional 20% coupon, each pack was $8.  That’s a terrific price for something I will definitely be using and I don’t feel guilty about buying it.

Michaels was having some great clearance deals, so I bought a journal and a small cute notebook as well as a kit to make marbleized paper.  I’m not sure how it will work out, but Rich thought I should get it, so I did.  It was originally $30 and I bought it for $10.  The photo on the front of the box shows a clear plastic container that you use to do the project.   I thought the plastic container would be worth the $10 until I opened the box,  It’s a really flimsy white (not quite) plastic that will easily be destroyed in my craft room. I was really disappointed in the container.  The only thing I can compare it to is the lining inside a box when a company wants to separate the objects in the box.

The box said there are 22 pieces inside.  I like truth in advertising and was saddened to see that they counted every piece of paper as a piece and every bottle of ink and every packet of “magic powder.”  I have no idea what the magic powder consists of, but once it’s gone, the box of goodies is practically worthless.  The box front has a great image of very neutral tones of paint on white 12″ x 12″ paper that really looks like marble.  My next disappointment were the colors included in the box….Neutral tones?  No, all primary colors.  Bright, vivid primaries.  I’m not sure if I should return the box or give it a try.  I just wish that Michaels would have had the contents of the box on display so I would have known what I was buying.  Instead, it had those horrible round plastic dots like companies use on 12 x 12″ paper pads…The ones that always rip the cardboard when you try to remove them.  There was no way I was going to see the contents of that box until I made it mine.  Drat!

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