Tri Shutter Fold Card Influenced by Lindsay the FrugalCrafter

I wanted to share a card from my friend Cath that is so delicate with beautiful stitching.  Thanks Cath!
I saw Lindsay make this card a very long time ago on her channel and am using a stamp and die set from Sunny Studios called Perfect Popsicles.  I had a very difficult time using this set as I cleaned the stamps with soap and scuffed them with a nail file and still the ink didn’t want to stick on the stamps…
I used Stampin’ Up inks for the popsicles.  The stick is Crumb Cake, the yellow is Summer Sun and Only Orange, the blue popsicle was colored with Soft Sky and unfortunately, I can’t remember the other blue I used, sorry.  The green popsicle is Lucky Limeade and again, can’t remember the other color.  Since most of the colors I used are retired, please use what ever inks you like on yours.
The card stock is 6″ x 9″ and scored on the 9″ length at 3″ and 6″ the whole length of the card.  Put a ruler or paper on the 1″ mark on your score board on the 6″ length.  You will score on the 9″ length at 1 1/2″ down to the ruler at 1″ and repeat by flipping the paper over (and put your ruler on the 1″ line again) and scoring again at the 1 1/2″ mark only down to the 1″ ruler.
Next take your paper trimmer and put your paper in on the 6″ length so it is against your measuring bar.  It makes it so you can put the paper at 1″ on the left side of your trim bar and cut from the first 1 1/2″ score to the other 1 1/2″ score.
We need to repeat scoring at the 1 1/2″ mark on both ends of the 9″ length only scoring down to the ruler that you place at 1″.  Then use your paper trimmer again and cut at the end of the 1″ score and cut from the end of one to the other score by making sure the left side of your paper (the 6″ length is against your measuring bar), is on the 1″ mark to the left of your cutting bar and line your cutting tool so it starts cutting the paper at 1 1/2″ and ends at 7 1/2″ (which is the second 1 1/2″ score mark you made.)  Sorry if I’m confusing, I find this difficult to explain.
In this next section, layer the papers, but don’t glue them down until later.
The papers you will be lining the inside of the card with are as follows: three of  3 3/4 x 2 3/4″ pieces of decorated paper for inside each of the folds, then layer them with 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ plain colored papers (I used ones that matched the blue paper on the card base, but you can use any color you’d like.)  Before I glued the layers together, I put brads on the corners of my papers so I had room for the popsicles.  Use a paper piercing tool and foam underneath the paper to poke holes for the brads.  If you use brads, you’ll want a heavier adhesive between your layers to ensure they stick to their background.    Put foam tape on the popscicles before adhering them to the card.  They were placed in the centers of the three sections of the card that I covered with cardstock.  Don’t glue the three layered pieces down until after you’ve covered the edge of your card with cardstock.  Before I went any further, I used the darker shade of ink with my 1″ chip brushes and wiped around the edges of the popsicles to make them look like they were melting into the card.
The end layer is 1 1/4″ x 5 3/4″ (you’ll need 2)  and make sure the patterns on both face the same direction. The top and bottom layers are 3/4″ high by 5 3/4″ long.  Make sure you put tear tape or another strong adhesive on these two strips as they will bend with the card as it opens and closes.  Lay the two pieces in place, then use your bone folder to really rub against the paper to ensure it’s well adhered then bend the paper in the directions they are scored then use your bone folder and go over every fold to make sure they will bend easily.  I used two sentiments from the stamp set and stamped them with a darker blue ink and notched the ends and attached them to the top and bottom of the card.
This card is a little bit unique, because when you fold it closed, the last panel is actually the front of the card.  Because I added very thick brads at the end, mine will need to go into a puffy envelope to mail.  I actually mailed it in the envelope I made, but put that envelope in a puffy envelope with some gifts for our nephew.
You will need to make a special envelope for this size card and I attached the video on how to make envelopes at the end of the video.

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