I decided I needed to do an Aliexpress haul and thought I could combine it with the Michael’s haul where I bought the new colored heavyweight card stock.  The video for the Aliexpress haul was really long because I decided I should show the dies and how they performed.  Normally I don’t use the dies in videos, but in this case, I was buying dies that layer, and felt it was only fair to show viewers what the dies looked like layered together and you can’t really see that unless you use them.  I really liked the results of the layered dies and hope my viewers will as well.  And wow, the difference in price between Aliexpress and the sites that sell them in the USA…I just can’t believe the price difference.  Jennifer McGuire did a video when the layered dies first came on the market and she said that they were a pretty hefty investment, but it wasn’t until someone else told me that those dies she had demonstrated were over $70 that it really hit me.  I bought what looks like the same dies for $2.59 each.  If we layer three of them together, the cost of mine is roughly $8.50 as the third layer is almost $3.50 on Aliexpress.  I’m blown away by the price difference and really excited to use them.  I’m sure as time goes on there will be a lot more layered dies for us to choose from on Aliexpress and I’ll be hoarding a lot more of them.  One of the things I love about the ones I bought is the debris (not sure what else to call it), that falls out when you cut them.  They are floral shapes and hexagon shapes and will be perfect for other cards.  It’s really cool, because you can layer the smaller flowers on the bigger flowers and get a really great affect.  I’m so excited to make a card with them now that I’ve tried them.

The only disappointment I’ve had so far with my Aliexpress purchases has been an alphabet die set I just got.  The set isn’t capital letters, it’s the smaller letters, but I loved the font.  Oddly enough, the letter “r” doesn’t look like any letter in the English alphabet.  I’m not sure what it looks like, but it’s definitely not an “r”.  I need to contact the company I purchased it from and ask them what can be done.  Of all the letters, you’d think an r is a very simple letter to replicate, but apparently not.  I did die cut the whole alphabet so viewers can decide if they like it or not, but until they fix the r, I’m pretty sure that people will not be really thrilled about this set, even though the rest of it is pretty cool.  Too bad it’s not an “x” , “z” or “q” that went bad…It had to be one of the most used letters in the English alphabet, darn it!


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