I spent a lot of today running errands and editing a video I made last night.  I would like to say that I accomplished a lot, but really didn’t.  Oh, I did get my hair cut, and that’s a huge feat, haha.  Last night, I added a photo Rich had taken of Aggie yesterday to my Facebook page, and I just wanted to talk about it for a second.  Rich does a terrific job of taking photos, and the thing that was so great about this one, was Aggie was jogging.  She very rarely jogs anymore, and when she does, we are amazed.  Over fifteen and still jogging like a young dog.  I’m not sure if I mentioned that she’s taking a hemp oil called Charlotte’s Web.  It’s legal in all fifty states, and was originally developed for kids with seizures.  We bought it for Rich’s hip and lower back issues, but when we read it worked with dogs, we were on board.  Aggie seems to be doing so much better since being on Charlotte’s Web, and every day that she seems pain free is a great day for all of us.

Oh wait a second.  The channel had a HUGE day today, and went over 4,000 subscribers.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  I’m amazed with every new subscriber.  It’s been a very good day!

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