Some days when I am being me, I’ll have one joint that decides it doesn’t want to play.  Today, it’s my right wrist.  I’m not sure what I did to cause it, but had to put an ace bandage on my wrist to immobilize it and reduce the pain.  It’s all part of the game of having arthritis, so unfortunately, the big crafty plans I had for myself will have to be delayed until tomorrow.

On the flip side of that, Rich is currently editing a video, and we’ll have one uploaded tonight.  So even though I’m not making any projects, you’ll still think I’m working like a busy beaver.   How do we know beavers are so busy?  Because they build dams?  What about birds that build nests from one twig at a time?  Aren’t they busy too?   Why do beavers get all of the credit?  Just a thought.

I’ll be going to garage sales in the morning tomorrow, then making something crafty and will have more to report then.  In the mean time, I’m going to be trying not to use my wrist so it’s ready for action then.

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