Another day of my wrist not wanting to play, darn it.  I usually just put a Ben-Gay type product and an Ace Bandage on it overnight, and my wrist is better the next day.  Not so much today, but there’s always tomorrow.

Garage sales were really disappointing today, I bought a tiny box of pom poms to use with chalks and pastels and that was the extent of my purchases.  Geez!

I did take the time to put a post on my facebook page, Crafting for Almost Everyone.  I wanted to let people know that my goal for that page is to turn it into a place where viewers can share their projects and ideas, and make it much more interactive than the YouTube channel.  I think it would be amazing if viewers would post their projects and talk about ideas and leave questions for the group about products, techniques, etc.  I realize that there are a lot of places that are similar, but often those sites don’t have many people with hand/wrist issues that would be able to share their insights.  It’s also really important to me that people have a safe place to share their projects and ideas.  I’m hoping my viewers respond to it and use the facebook page as I intended.  I’m going to make a video to discuss it as well and already I’ve had some great rrsponse.  Time will tell.

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