I made the video for tie dye sneakers today and wow, that alcohol smell is powerful.  I’m not kidding when I say powerful, Rich could smell it two rooms away from where I was coloring the sneakers.  I would have liked to have colored them outside, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to get the right kind of lighting there for a video.  I still have a small headache from coloring them, and really encourage viewers to color them outside.  I had a fan running, plus all of the windows open, and still the smell was overwhelming.  The things we do for our art, haha.

I have been encouraging viewers to go to our facebook page and add their projects.  I’d love to have a more interactive form of media for viewers.  I made a video where I talked about it and made sure to mention that I will not allow anyone to leave any kind of negative comments on facebook.  I want this to be a safe place where viewers can share their ideas and projects, without having someone say negative things to them.  I did explain that I knew going into YouTube that I could be receiving negative remarks and have set myself up for that, but viewers who share their projects on facebook did not sign up for that.  I’m not going to let anyone be bullied on facebook on Crafting for Almost Everyone.   Don’t we all need a place where we can share our art and ideas without having someone tell us why we shouldn’t?

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