Craft Tools #2, Dye Ink Brands, Stamping How To

I was asked by a viewer named Nancy for a video on different brands of dye inks and how they work.  I stamped the dye inks on a red rubber lined image, a sentiment, and a filled in image, plus two acrylic stamps– one that is an outline of an apple and one that was the center of the apple.  If you buy new stamps and they don’t accept the ink (it beads up on them), you should wash them in a very gentle detergent like diluted Dawn dishwashing detergent or baby shampoo.  If the stamp still won’t accept ink, you can lightly, and I mean lightly, go over the stamp with a cardboard nail file.  If you use it too aggressively, you’ll destroy your stamp.

Stamping–Pat the ink onto the stamp until the stamp is shiny with ink.  You don’t want to wipe the ink pad on the stamp as it will show lines when inked.  Pat it, don’t rub it…  I stamped in the air because I wanted you to see the ink pad and how it reacts to stamping.  You’ll stamp your ink pad by keeping the ink pad on your work surface and stamping onto it.  As for using the stamp once it is inked, stamp it and hold it in place on the paper, giving the ink time to transfer to the paper.  You’ll have much better results if you stamp with either a piece of foam under your paper or a phone book or magazine, something that will give you a cushion under your paper.

Storing ink pads.  You should store your ink pads with the lid face down, so the ink doesn’t sink to the bottom, but instead, is laying at the top of the surface, and makes for a juicier stamping experience.

The stamps I used — one very old Stampin’ Up retired stamp,  Hero Arts Daisy Style #3272 and the apples are from Stamps of Life, a set called Apples2Stamp.  The “Let’s do Lunch” stamp was from a $1 bin from a Michaels or other craft store that I’ve had a long time ago.

1. I was at Michaels on July 21, 2017 and bought a jar of Recollections inks for $3.89.  There are twelve 1″ cubes of dye inks in the “Mason Jar” from Recollections. Firm felt ink pad.   I used the green ink and it worked well on the red rubber and the acrylic stamps.  You would want to consider the size of the ink pad that you used based on the image you are stamping.  If you use a small ink “cube” on a big apple, your ink pad will run out of ink quickly.  You’d probably want to use this with other inks on a bigger stamp, or on smaller images or sentiments.

2, Distress Ink Twisted Citron SKU 789541043294, Joanns price $5.99 full price. Firm felt ink pad.  I find that I have had to re-ink my Distress Inks, so you might want to buy re inkers if you have a color you like very much.  Distress Inks come in the size I showed which is roughly 2″ x 2″ and the also sell the small cubes as well.
A lot of people don’t use Distress Inks to stamp with and use them more for techniques like distressing the edges of paper or using water on them to reactivate them.  You can stamp with them though, and that’s why I’ve included them.

3.  Hero Arts Shadow Ink Soft Stone SKU 029477611304, Joanns price $6.49 full price.  Firm felt pad.  Full size pad.

4.  Ranger Electric Lime SKU 749541043877 Tupelo Designs LLC $3.49 full size pad.  Jennifer McGuire used to really like these inks. They are mainly primary colors and they have a great everyday price.  Tupelo Designs doesn’t charge shipping within the US.
Firm felt pad.

5.  Gina K. Sweet Corn $5.95 full size pad (sorry, no SKU) firm felt pad

6. Simon Says Stamp Willow SKU 029477808605 $5.99 at     Firm felt pad,  full size.  I had the most difficult time removing this lid.

7.  Prima Color Philosophy Sepia Color…full size but  a little different shape and size than the others.  SKU 655350589302 Blitzy $6.80 . firm felt pad.

8.  Memento dew drop- SKU 712353247031 Joanns full price $1.99. You can buy these in sets  of 3 or 12.   Is shaped like a tear drop.  firm felt pad.  Great for inking small designs or using with other dew drops to color a large design.

9.  Stampin’ Up- Pear Pizzazz foam pad.  Very juicy when you first get them, you need to touch very lightly with your stamp so you don’t over ink your stamp.

Paper used-  Georgia Pacific 110 lb. from Walmart.  Pack of 150 $4.88 Great for layering

on cards but not great for the base of the card, as it is kind of flimsy.


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