I watched a video from Dawn O. from Stampin’ Up where she made an “easy” pinwheel card.  Here’s the link to it.

I had a really difficult time making this card and I think it was because I wasn’t mindful of the two times it is imperative that you flip your paper over.  Here’s how you make it.

You’ll need a piece of 8″ square double sided patterned paper and you will start with the pattern you want on the inside of your card (not as featured as the front side), face down to start.  You will make a little pencil mark on all four sides at 3″ and 5″ on each side.  Put something squishy under your surface (I have foam under my mat) and take a ruler and a scoring tool and line the ruler up with the 3″ mark on one side with the 3″ mark on the diagonal.  Then score it well.  Do the same with the 5″ mark and the diagonal 5″ mark on each of the four sides.  You’ll end up with a “V” in the center of each side and you will cut out those V’s.  Now, FLIP YOUR PAPER….Take your score board and put your paper in and score the first side at 1″, (but only the top section), then turn the paper one turn and score at 1″, then turn one turn and score at 1″ (always just the first section not the second.) and then do your last side.   You will have an indentation from your scoring tool on these 1″ marks and you will want to fold back on those indentations and then use your bone folder and go over them so you have clean folds. (Your paper should now have the inside paper facing down again.)  Now fold back on the scores left in the center of your card.  Use your bone folder and burnish all of your folds.   To close your card, start with the bottom flap and fold it up, and then in a clockwise direction, fold the flaps in.  (That means you will fold the bottom, then the left flap, then the top flap).  Your last flap you will make sure you tuck under the other flaps making sure you include the top flap.

I used Stem Silhouette’s, an old Stampin’ Up stamp set and Stampin’ Up Kiwi Kiss ink, and stamped on my white piece of paper that will be in the center of my card.  I also attached a flower embellishment that matched my papers.  I used three layers of cardstock in the center of my card.  The bottom layer  was 4 1/8″ square and the next was  3 7/8″ square and the white layer was 3 3/4″  (I mixed up these sizes when I discussed them in the video.  It won’t make a big difference if you follow the other measurements as they come out to look basically the same.)
I used a stamp set Friend to Friend by Stampin’ Up for the sentiment and used Memento Teal Zeal ink to stamp it.  I used it on the sentiment for the inside and the Happy Birthday for the white inside paper.  I used a scrap paper to stamp the rest of the image over the little white paper where I stamped Happy Birthday.
I cut out the rest of the sentiment with my paper trimmer and added a layer of orange paper behind it.  I used am EK Success edge punch and cut a strip of matching cardstock that I would use as a belly band. I layered two types of ribbon with Fabric Fusion (you could use tear tape to layer the ribbons if you don’t have Fabric Fusion)…Then once the ribbons were dry, I threaded it through the holes in the strip for the belly band.  I added a layer of white paper behind the ribbon that was about 1 1/8″ wide and attached it to the back of the strip, then using tear tape, wrapped it around the card and tear taped it closed.  I put my sentiment layered on the orange paper onto the front of the card and it was complete.
If you tear tape is sticky anywhere on your belly band, rub your embossing buddy, corn starch or baby powder on it, so it’s not sticky any more.

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