I think you’ll get a small chuckle out of this, but I really had thought I was blogging every day, until I checked the dates, and hadn’t done a blog post in three days.  What was I doing?  I’m not really sure, definitely not blogging though.

Today was the last day to finish the album for our great niece.  I can’t even begin to tell you how badly things went…not so much with the album, but when I was going through my tiny brads and other little embellishments, I dropped the entire divided box…Oh yeah, that was some fun to clean.  I had brads everywhere and kept either stepping on them or rolling my chair over them while trying to get them back in their box.

We all know I’m a crafty hoarder, but this was an exceptional day for it.  I have four divided boxes with different small embellishments.  I was going through them looking for something blue or red to match the book, and you won’t believe what I found.  I had probably ten to fifteen gold colored metal hornets.  I have no idea where I got them, I know I never bought them, because, well why would I?  Our great niece’s college mascot is the hornet.  What are the odds that I would ever find a use for that many hornets?  Was that crazy or what?  It almost made dropping the entire divided box of embellishments worth it…Almost.

Tomorrow, we’re meeting our family and giving her the presents that I’ve made for her…I really hope she likes them.

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