I was thinking about making something crafty today, but then decided I needed to put more of my dies in better storage.  I’d bought some of the heater vent covers that so many people use for dies.  For some reason, I thought that they would be a lot more sturdy than they are.  I couldn’t get my dies to stay on them, as every time I picked them up, the magnetic sheet wobbled enough that they fell off (or partially came off.)  I originally bought this system, but the refills seemed a little bit heavier than I expected, making the box truly unmanageable for me.   You can buy them just about anywhere, but I got this photo from Consumercrafts.com.

Ok, so the photo wants to move every time I type, so I’m just going with it.

I like the sturdiness of the box, but it’s really heavy once you add the sheets and dies.  I thought by adding some of the vent covers, it wouldn’t increase the weight that much, but didn’t take into account the flimsiness.  So I spent my crafty time today, lining all of the vent covers with cardboard..I know chipboard is the chosen word, but I’m an old fashioned girl, with old fashioned words.  That almost rhymed, haha.

So in the long run, maybe the magnetic vent covers aren’t the best alternative.  Hey, I might as well find a picture of those as well, in case you’ve never seen them.  You can buy them at any hardware store that sells supplies for your heating system.  Apparently, these are used to cover the floor grates the send hot and cold air through your house.  I have a really unusual heating system in my house, coils in the ceiling, (weird, huh?) so don’t have any vents.  So much for my day, and frankly, yours, as you’ve had to listen to my long-winded story of how I spend my time.

null E/O Magnetic Vent Covers


Magnetic Die Storage Case for Craft Dies

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