I got serious and made a haul video of AliExpress purchases plus some nice gifts people have sent me.  I really like making haul videos because it forces me to put the things I’ve purchased into the storage I’ve created for them.  It’s sometimes frustrating when I don’t have enough space for things, but I’m focusing on making sure I’m as organized as I can be with the limited space I have.

I think one of my biggest problems is paper storage.  I used to put scraps back into the hanging folder with the color it belongs to.  It never occurred to me that it would increase the width of the folders instead of decreasing it with the cards I make.  Unless I make a few cards out of the same color, my folders never seem to get any thinner.  Of course the fact that I continue to buy cardstock doesn’t help things either.  I’m getting more organized than I’ve been, but every time I organize myself, I lose track of things I use all of the time and that makes me crazy.  I’ll put things in a “safe” place, and the next thing you know, I’m digging through every crack and crevice in the craft room looking for it.

I hope tomorrow I’ll have time to make another video and have Rich upload one as well.  I like to stay at least three or four videos ahead of him so I don’t feel like I need to create something in a hurry.

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