I spent the morning going to garage sales and finally found stamps for sale.  I think this is the first garage sale that I’ve been to this year, that actually sold some stamps that I wanted.  The woman who was having the sale was so excited that I was interested in her stamps, that she kept trying to add more and more to my pile.  At one point she tried to sell me everything crafty she was selling.  Maybe when I started my crafty hoarding, I might have buckled and bought everything, but I doubt it.  She had rub-ons and loose paper and a lot of really old stamps from Stampin’ Up.  They had the country look that stamps seemed to gravitate toward in early 2000’s.  I didn’t want to hurt the lady’s feelings, but I have my own hoarding to deal with and really don’t want to add hers to it.

I came home and uploaded the video for our great niece’s album and that took forever, because it was over forty minutes.  That was a long video, but the album took probably twelve hours to make, so forty minutes isn’t really all that long.  (Unless you have no interest in making albums,  then forty minutes would feel like a lifetime.)


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