Two of my closest friends have their birthdays on August 19th and 20th.  We went to college together and they were in my wedding, so we go back a really long way.  (Since I’m only twenty-nine, we don’t go back that far–ok, I’m a liar,  we’ve known each other longer than twenty-nine years, yikes!)

I always like to make cards that are a little bit quirky for them, as they are both a lot of fun and kind of immature (like me.)

I’ve been really thinking about what style of cards I wanted to make for them and found some fun stamps in my stash that I knew were perfect.  One is from AI, and is of the upper half of a woman and then there’s another stamp of her lower half.   The lower half is from the back, so you stamp that on the inside of the card.  The sentiment that came with the stamp says something like “Aging is a pain in the rear.”  I knew my girlfriend would get a kick out of it.  I also had some zombies stamps and my other girlfriend likes to watch “The Walking Dead,” which, if you’ve never seen it, is about zombies, so I thougbt she’d get a laugh out of her card.  I made a video of the zombie card and included a photo of the other card as well.  I’m really glad I got them finished so I can get them in the mail and hopefully get them to them on time.  My biggest problem isn’t making cards, it’s getting them to the post office.  I’m not sure why I take so long to do that, and I get really frustrated by my slowness, but I’m making a vow that these cards are going in the mail tomorrow.  Ok, maybe the next day.

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